Click & Collect

Here at The House In Town, we are proud and happy to be shopkeepers.  We enjoy the interaction we have with our customers but we also understand that it is more conveinient for some people to browse for ideas and inspiration online.  A small selection of the 30,000 plus items that we offer are here on our website, and you can reserve any of them to ensure you don’t miss out.

When you use the Click & Collect (C&C) service I will receive an email giving me details of what you have ordered.  I’ll then use the details you have provided to contact you.  The reason I’ll do this is to confirm that the item is in stock and to discuss when the item will be collected (or in some cases delivered).  On occasions a deposit will need to be taken over the phone to confirm the order.

Many thanks in advance.

Warm regards,

John Manning – Owner